Yoga every damn day – (well for 21 days at least!).

It’s 2nd of January 2017 – so firstly, a big happy new year to you.

This time of year is notorious with the feeling of being ‘all partied out’. You too may be feeling that you’ve eaten too much, drank too much, let the fitness regime slip etc.

It’s now that we partake in the latest detox, gym sign ups are at their peak – as people seek out a new fitness regime.

Studies show that to create new habits we need to stick to something for at least 21 days. Whether it’s a new eating plan, the cutting out of alcohol or cigarettes or a new fitness regime, if we can stick to it for at least 21 concurrent days – then our chances of sticking with it ongoing increase.

I have a few resolutions for the new year – and for each I’ve mapped out a very simple 21 day plan. It’s not really a plan – but more of a chart - a very simple A4 sheet of paper – with each of my resolutions and 21 boxes. Each day, my intention is to tick the box. Done. Simple.

Hopefully, after the 21 days – I’ll observe whether the research findings hold true.

My resolutions include: Yoga every day. Even if it’s just 5 minutes. It’s less about how long I dedicate to the practice, and more about ensuring that I get some time to myself on my mat every day.

Next is meditation – whilst I’ve been meditating on and off for the past year – I haven’t been able to stick to it consistently. It’s easy for life to get in the way. I’m fully aware of just how good meditation is for me. So again, my 21 day streak will hopefully set me up with new daily habits.

Often we bite off more than we can chew – and set ourselves unrealistic targets. So I’m starting with my 21 day simple chart. Perhaps it’s something you can do too?

Here’s to good intentions – and sticking to them.

Michelle x

P.s.s.s.t… If getting to a yoga class was one of your intentions, then be sure to check out my gentle Vinyasa Yoga Class each Wednesday, 8.30pm – Maidenhead Physio Centre – everyone welcome - more details here: