Creativity and Mindfulness

So... I was recently introduced to 'adult colouring' books. Remember as a kid getting lost for hours with your 90 pack of felt tip pens (all colour coordinated) and some intricate colouring books?  Well, if that was your thing X many years ago - you may want to make it your thing again now.

Having two children, I have spent many a hour (or 50) colouring in teletubbies, dora the explorer, maca pacas and the like - however, when I was given my first adult colouring book, it took me right back to some of those intricate Gaudiesque Russian architecture that you'd find periodically in your standard colouring book.  

I suppose as children we didn't think about 'mindfulness' - but thinking about mindful / meditation now - and releasing the mind to concentrate on either one thing or the spaces between thoughts - then it fits.

I tried my first mindful colouring and loved it. My children (9 and 13) are also hooked. It's a family affair. We get our pens out collectively and spend some time intricately scribbling. 

Not only does it mean you while away some quiet hours on something that needs your concentration, creativity and flair - but also you get to create beautiful handcrafted art at the same time.  Highly recommend for your Christmas list. ;)